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What's Going in Across From the Ocean Ave. Whole Foods?

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From the Curbed inbox:

It looks like construction might have begun on the vacant lot at the corner of Ocean and Brighton, and it appears the for sale sign has been taken down. Do you have any info on this?The vacant lot on Ocean across from the Whole Foods has indeed sold, and will soon be developed into some mixed use housing. Almost a year ago a project was approved to subdivide the lot at 270 Brighton, in hopes of turning it into one four-story mixed-use building with 25 residential units (21 2BRs and four 1BRs) and two commercial units, with another four-story, two-unit residential building on the other portion of the lot, all with 13 parking spots. The new owner of the site is SST Investments, Inc., who own and operate apartments around the city, so presumably the larger development will also be rentals while the smaller building is planned for condos. No renderings or design info yet, but we'll keep you posted.
· Preliminary Project Assessment - 270 Brighton [SF Planning]
· SST Investments, Inc. [SST]