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Rustic, Untouched William Wurster House Lists for $3.499M

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William Wurster was a significant San Francisco architect in the middle of the 20th century who gained some attention in recent months when a Pacific Heights house he designed sold for 62% over asking. Now another Wurster-designed, Pac Heights home has gone up for sale with a $3.499 million price tag for a 2,422 square-foot rather rustic space. The house is four stories tall and its wood-paneled walls and narrow living spaces are the exact opposite of most high-end properties on the market in San Francisco today. From the small, simple sinks to the carpeted staircase, it feels like nothing in this house has changed in a very long time. The home was built in 1940 and comes complete with all available historical correspondence and drawings. The back garden also has a pedigree, having been designed by noted landscape architect Thomas Church. · Pac Heights Home Sell for Jaw-Dropping $1.405M Over Asking [Curbed SF]
· 1641 Green Street [Redfin]