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Newly Build Presidio Heights Abode Hits the Market for $3.995M

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When 3210 Jackson Street in Presidio Heights last sold, it was nothing but an empty lot squeezed between two houses in Presidio Heights. The land went for $800,000 in an all-cash sale with the buyers responsible for investigating their ability to build on the site. Fast forward to today and a brand-new 3-bed, 3.5-bath home now sits where before there was just concrete. The house has just hit the market asking $3.995 million. It has been designed with a facade that blends with the rest of the neighborhood as well as some touches that try to give it a bit of history, like a hand-carved mahogany mantel from the 1800's. There's a top-floor media room that could be converted to a fourth bedroom, lots of outdoor space and a four-car garage.

· 3210 Jackson Street [Official Site]