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The Schlage Lock Project in Visitacion Valley is Moving Forward

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Now that the Mayor's office and other agencies have reached an agreement on the Schlage Lock Factory redevelopment project, the Planning Commission will take the next steps towards making the project a reality. With the folding of the Redevelopment Agency in early 2012 and the loss of public funding that came with it, plans were shelved for a while until the Mayor's Office of Economic and Workforce Development took it over and tweaked the plan a bit (more residential, less commercial, new park locations, and more parking). After a mind-blowing 15 years of back and forth, the long-vacant site will now be refurbished into 1,679 low and middle income apartments and condos, a grocery store, and other ground-floor retail.

Tomorrow the Planning Commission will vote to initiate amendments to the General Plan needed to implement a Visitacion Valley/Schlage Lock Special Use District. The rest of the project's components, like Planning Code and Zoning Map Amendments, the Development Agreement, the Design for Development, the Open Space and Streetscape Master Plan, Infrastructure Master Plan, and a Transportation Demand Management Plan will all come at a later hearing. For now they are basically just voting to kick things off, which is definitely a welcome start after all these years.

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