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Noe Valley House Transforms to Flip for $1.5M Gain in One Year

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Last year, a house on 28th Street in Noe Valley with a little pink facade and an interior that needed some work listed for $899,000. After a heated bidding war, it sold for $1.3 million in cash. Unsurprisingly, the property has now been given a complete makeover and is being flipped with an asking price of $2.799 million, which is nearly a $1.5 million gain in a year. The pink facade has turned white and the home is being marketed as the Noe White House. The interior is now open-plan and leads to an outdoor area complete with a covered cabana and gas fireplace. There are 4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms, as well as parking for one car in the garage.

More pictures of the Noe White House as it looks today:

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