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Last Week's Biggest S.F. Sales: Herbst Manor Finally Sells

Listed for: $11,950,000
Received: $10,117,400
Size: 6-bed, 6.5-bath, 6,175-square-foot single-family home
Location: 2330 Lyon St., Pacific Heights
The skinny: Sharper Image founder and former CEO Richard Thalheimer put his Sharper Image-filled home on the market back in late 2013 for $11.95M. Back then we wrote that the home's "just off of Billionaire's Row and near-palatial in amenities. There's a 6-car garage, wine cellar, an elevator, and a gym/spa with indoor lap pool, hot tub, and massage table." Thalheimer bought the home in 2002 for $5.3M and says he sunk another $8M into renovating and expanding it. Unfortunately all those amenities didn't attract a buyer, so the home's price was reduced to $10.95M, a whole million bucks. It eventually went into contract in April, and sold April 29 for $10,117,400.

Listed for: $12.5M
Received: $8.6M
Size: 6-bed, 5-bath, 8,200-square-foot single-family home
Location: 2800 Pacific Ave., Pacific Heights
The skinny: Herbst Manor in Pacific Heights was home to the late Lee Herbst Gruhn of Herbst Theater and San Francisco society fame. The interiors originally had an abundance of mirrors and gold gilt trim, but that quickly went away when the abode played host to the 2013 San Francisco Decorator Showcase. The home, unfortunately, experienced many, many price reductions. Thinking the Showcase would up its cred, it was relisted after the Showcase with a higher price tag. That didn't work, so a major price reduction happened once again. And then again. The very beautiful home finally went into contract in very late February, and closed at the end of April for a reported $8.6M.

Listed for: $1.995M
Received: $2.725M
Size: 3-bed, 1.5-bath, 2,044-square-foot single-family home
Location: 895 Noe St., Eureka Valley
The skinny: This Victorian has a historic facade and a contemporary interior. The listing tells us that "there are city approved architectural plans for a creation of a master bedroom/office/bathroom suite in the existing attic space." That'll add an additional 639 square feet. The home was listed in mid-April and was in contract within a week. It sold for $730K over asking.
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Herbst Mansion

2800 Pacific , San Francisco, CA