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Is the Old Ginsberg's Bar Going to Become a Hotel?

From the Curbed inbox:

Do you know what the situation is at 400 Bay Street in Fisherman's Wharf? The old Ginsberg's bar has been a closed-down eyesore for decades. I read about a proposal for a hotel, but that was back in August 2013 and there doesn't seem to be much in the way of construction starting.Our reader is correct—there is a hotel project planned for the site. The plan is for a four-story, 40' hotel with 15 rooms, 1,325 square feet ground floor retail, and two roof decks. The Planning Department's preliminary project assessment calls for a Historic Resource Evaluation of the 1906 former bar (known for their Irish-Yiddish coffee and Manischewitz kosher pizza), an archaeological review, a geotechnical and soil investigation since the site is in a liquefaction zone, a hazardous material study, and a noise study. The project sponsor started the environmental initial study last month, and just a few weeks ago applied for their Conditional Use authorization. Looks like the project is jogging along nicely through the planning process.
· Preliminary Project Assessment - 400 Bay [SF Planning]