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What's the Deal with the Site at 743 Harrison in SoMa?

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From the Curbed inbox

What is happening at 743 Harrison? Its all boarded up. Are there plans for this building?There was a project in the works for this site way back in 2005, with a proposal to demo six buildings and construct an 85' complex with 572 housing units, 10,000 square feet of retail commercial space, and 656 parking spots. Site owner Barrett Block Partners scrapped the project 2011 in order to create a new plan consistent with the rezoning of this area of SoMa thanks to the new Central Subway along Fourth Street - which could raise the existing 45'-85' service/light industry zoning to 85'-130' mixed use zoning. The draft Central SoMa Plan is currently undergoing environmental review, so the project is likely on hold until those zoning changes are finalized and the design can start over.
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