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Two New Homes Proposed for Bernal Heights Spark Hot Debate

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Two single-family homes have been proposed for a small patch of undeveloped land on the southeast slope of Bernal Hill. The lots at 3516 and 3526 Folsom Street have been the subject of heated debate since an initial neighborhood meeting about them late last year. Lately, signs have gone up around the neighborhood warning that the proposed development will create a 600-foot radius blast/fire zone due to an aging PG&E gas pipeline that runs through the site. Neighbors warn that the line has exploded once before, back in 1963, and that it is similar to the line that blew up in San Bruno in 2010. PG&E counters that the line, which was freshly installed in 1981, is surveyed and patrolled regularly and shows no issues, and that it is a much smaller, lower-pressure line than that which blew up in San Bruno.

The developer of the two homes will present tonight at a meeting of the East Slope Design Review Board. Other recent review meetings for development proposals haven't been favorable towards new development in the neighborhood. Two weeks ago, a meeting before the review board brought in local residents worried about a new six-home development due to issues with traffic, garbage bins and the loss of light and views. Back in 2012, the Review Board filed a Discretionary Review for a plan for three new homes at 183-191 Brewster Street due to the loss of on-street parking, difficulties for emergency vehicle access and insufficient infrastructure.
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