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Is Anything Ever Going to Happen at the Bay Street Gas Station?

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From the Curbed inbox:
What is the situation with the shuttered gas station at Bay and Buchanan in the Marina? It's been closed down for at least 3 years that I know of and is on a pretty sizeable plot of land in a great neighborhood, so it seems pretty outrageous that it has just sat vacant this entire time.There's not much info to be found for this site, as the only thing on the Planning Department's project site is "Gas Station conversion, unsure what the new use will become." There is letter floating around regarding another gas station at 2465 Van Ness Avenue that states Chevron granted rights to a company called Pacific Coast Homes (PCH) to pursue "the decommissioning and removal of improvements at the former service stations" and entitlements to redevelop the two sites. Chevron is still the legal owner of both, though opponents to an Orange County PCH project claim the company is a Chevron-owned subsidiary. The only Pacific Coast Homes we could track down were based out of Southern California, so who knows what's in the pipeline for the Bay Street location. The lot is currently zoned for 40' tall neighborhood commercial (think specialty retail stores, restaurants, and neighborhood-serving offices, with housing development in new buildings "encouraged" above the ground story). We're imagining a future mixed-use project for the site - readers, what would you like to see there?
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