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What's Going on Under the Freeway at Mission and Duboce?

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From the Curbed inbox:I'm curious if you know what the project is at the corner of Mission and Duboce, next to the self-storage place and across the street from Woodward Gardens. They've been digging there for weeks, and seem to be putting up a metal fence. It's too small for a building, but there's an awful lot of effort going into it.Our reader is correct, the site is too small for a building, but it's perfectly sized for the new 17,000 sq.ft. Central Freeway Replacement skate park. Conceived as part of the SoMa West Improvement Projects, public improvements in the vicinity of the Central Freeway/Octavia Boulevard, the new skate park will also back up to a 10,000 sq.ft. dog park. Under construction for the past six months, it's slated to open in July.
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