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Bush Street Residential Project Gets a Major Design Overhaul

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Back in September Curbed brought news of a new residential project proposed at 1433 Bush Street. The 115-foot tall, 10-story mixed-use tower had 32 units, 26 parking spaces and 3,900 sq.ft. of ground floor retail, but the Planning Commissioners were not fans of the Joma Studio Architects design, saying it wasn't "keeping with the surrounding context" and that the proposed courtyard wasn't adequate. The case was continued indefinitely to give the project sponsor additional time to modify the project. Now it's back with some tweaks - the unit mix has been revised to include more 2BR units, the courtyard was enlarged, the two uppermost floors were setback, the facade has been simplified, and the base revised so the building design is more unified. The project sponsor met with the previously-unsupportive Lower Polk Neighborhood association, who now support the revisions and the retention City Rent-A-Car on the ground floor. Planning staff is recommending approval, so we'll see if the Commission agrees.

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