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$30 Million Artists' Building Approved for SF Shipyard

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As the San Francisco Shipyard development in Hunters Point gets underway, plans for a brand new 89,000 square foot artists' building within the development have been approved. The building, which will come from SF Shipyard developers Lennar Urban, is designed to replace existing, rundown structures that have been used by artists for 30 years. It will include 130 affordable studios, a 1,600 square-foot gallery, a kiln room and a spray room. Rents will be $1.11 per square foot.

The new $30 million building will begin construction in the second quarter of 2015 and be finished approximately a year later. Plans were created in conjunction with the Shipyard Trust for the Arts (STAR) to provide local artists a voice in creating the plans. Building amenities will include a 400-square foot balcony with views of the Bay, sound-proofed spaces for musicians and individually zoned lighting. Energy-efficient elements such as LED lighting and solar panels will also be used to offset costs.

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