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Goth-Inspired, Musician-Owned Haight Home Sells for $2.35M

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When 151 Broderick Street in the Upper Haight last went on the market in 2009, it was a charmingly modernized 1885 Victorian with lots of neutral colors and nicely retained period details. The property was purchased for $1.55 million by a "well-known musician" who transformed the 3-bed place into a uniquely dark and rather amazing home complete with lots of red velvet, dark paint, jewel-toned rooms and skeleton artwork. Even the main bathroom is paneled in dark wood and features a red velvet shower curtain. The facade, which was previously light gray, is now black. The legal one-bedroom attached unit was not included in the makeover. After being available only for showings by special appointment, the property sold yesterday for $2.35 million. The identity of the most recent owner was concealed behind an LLC. Any thoughts on what musician may have used this place as his "San Francisco retreat?" · Sitting Pretty in the Haight [Curbed SF]
· 151 Broderick [Official Site]