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Glen Park Teardown Lists for $1.195M, Sells for $1.705M

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A dilapidated shack on the border of Glen Park and Noe Valley has just sold for $1.705 million, which is $510,000 over its initial asking price of $1.195 million. The structure that currently stands on the lot was built in 1904 and is only 875 square feet, which puts the price at $1,949 per square for a house that appears to be unlivable in its current state. Of course, the real value in the property is the 3,998 square foot lot with views out to the Bay that the house sits on and the potential for a complete renovation. According to the brokerbabble the house is remodeled and has a garden with mature landscaping, but photos show a wooden shack complete with a dirt-covered backyard. The purchase was made entirely in cash. · 1783 Noe Street [Redfin]