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Where Lucky's Co-Founder Shops in SF; Hate for Glass Increases; Neiman Marcus Last Call Is Coming Soon; More!

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SAN FRANCISCO—It may seem counterintuitive, but tech-savvy San Francisco hates Google Glass.

HAYES VALLEY—Coming soon! Construction is in its final stages for Basic Training's crowd-funded 24-hour fitness hub at Proxy SF.

SAN FRANCISCO—Where does Lucky co-founder Andrea Linett shop in San Francisco? Racked editor Kristen Philipkoski has the scoop.
SAN FRANCISCO—Get excited, fashionistas! Cult-favorite brand Acne Studios may finally be setting up shop in San Francisco.

NOE VALLEY—Associate Editor Esther Hahn tests out a skin-saving serum, just in time for summer.

OAKLAND—Affordable custom framing? We didn't believe it either, but that's just what Oakland-based online store Framed & Matted offers.

SAN FRANCISCO—Can Levi's stay relevant for another 150 years? President James Curleigh thinks so.

MARKET STREET—If you're a bargain hunter, you'll be glad to hear that Neiman Marcus Last Call Studio is coming to Market Street.—Darcy Boynton