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Mid-Market Honda Dealership Sold to Become New Housing

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The Honda dealership at Market and South Van Ness went up for sale in January and has now been sold to Crescent Heights, the same developer that is responsible for the pricey 4-tower NEMA rental complex just down the street. The 50,000 square foot triangular property is zoned for a 400 foot tower on the southern portion with a shorter podium and a 120-foot midrise along Market Street. As many as 700 units could be coming to the site.

Before Honda, the land housed a Buick dealership at and Fillmore West auditorium, where the Grateful Dead and Janis Joplin were once regular performers. The sale is part of the quickly-changing composition of the neighborhood. Other potential big deals in the neighborhood include Goodwill's headquarters around the corner at South van Ness and Mission and the Local 38 Pension Trust Fund site at 12th and Market.

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1401 Market St, San Francisco, CA