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Construction Kicks Off on Nob Hill's Long-Awaited 1601 Larkin

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The road to destruction for the decrepit United Methodist church at 1601 Larkin Street has been a long and twisted one. The site hasn't been used as a church since 2004 but fought a long battle with the Planning Commission to build condos. After a failed attempt to landmark the church, a lawsuit against the city filed by the developers, and scrapping of the original Stanley Saitowitz plans, the property is finally on its way to becoming 27 condos. Last week, demolition crews moved in and the church has been mostly reduced to a pile of rubble. Soon, an Ian Birchall & Associates five-story building will rise on the site. · Are Planners Overstepping Bounds Telling Architects What to Do [Curbed SF]
· 1601 Larkin is Back One More Time Seeking Approval [Curbed SF]

1601 Larkin

1601 Larkin Street, San Francisco, CA 94109