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Clarendon Heights Home Adds Reno Plans and $1.36M to Price

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The property at 150 Glenbrook Avenue in Clarendon Heights undoubtedly offers up some of the best views in the city, but is otherwise a rather odd one. It sits right across the street from Sutro Tower, giving it a somewhat industrial feel to one side. The 4,544 sqaure-foot house itself was built in 1981 and has some interesting features, including a solarium located off one of the master suites. It last sold for $2.6325 million back in 2012, coming in a bit under asking price. Since then, architectural and engineering plans have been created to renovate the interior to 8,000 square feet and completely redesign the exterior to a much more modern look. The plans were created by John Maniscalco Architecture and have all been approved. The existing home and all plans for the renovation are now back on the market for $3.995 million, a $1.3625 million price jump in two years for the plans and permits. · 150 Glenbrook Avenue [Official Site]
· 150 Glenbrook Avenue [2012 Sales Site]