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Another Pacific Heights Property Sells for $1.7M Over Asking

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A 3-unit Pacific Heights property has just sold for $1.706 million over its asking price, making it the second property in the neighborhood to top in $1.7 million over mark in the past week and a half. Its initial asking price was $2.095 million and it went for $3.801 million, meaning that the building, which is on Jackson Street, sold for more than 81% over asking. The property, built in 1900, was formerly a single family home but had been divided up into three units, all of which are outdated and need work. There are currently two one-bedroom apartments and one two-bedroom. Expect renovations and for this 3,048 square foot building to potentially return to single-family status. The property was shown unstaged, but its major selling points were location and an English rose garden complete with box hedges out back. · 2224 Jackson Street [Redfin]