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What's Planned for the Two-Story Garage at 690 Folsom?

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From the Curbed inbox:

Scaffolding has gone up around the abandoned 2-story yellow building at 690 Folsom. Are they really going to renovate that old piece of crap?690 Folsom is coupled with the newly reclad tower at 680 Folsom. The two story former parking garage is being redesigned by Charles F. Bloszies and will feature a metal screen fabricated from aluminum sheet cut out using computer-driven machines with a gap between the original façade and the new screen containing LED lights. The old lower floor concrete columns will be replaced by stainless steel pipes with a glass storefront set back from the street. The new space will house specialty grocery store SoMa Wines and Spirits 2. The shiny new building will partner up nicely with SOM's redesign of the old Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Company next door, soon to be occupied by
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