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Inner Richmond Flip Adds $1.535M to Price in One Year

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When 324 Third Avenue went on the market for $1.388 million a year ago, it was a pink house in the Inner Richmond that, although slightly cluttered and dated, had lots of space and was quite livable. After a reduction in price, the property ended up being snapped up by flippers for $1.46 million, which was more than the original asking price. The home has now been repainted and completely remodeled by architects EAG Studio, with downstairs walls and chandeliers removed to recreate the space as open and contemporary. The house has upped its bedroom count from four to five and its bathrooms from 4 to 4.5. It is now back on the market for $2.995 million, a $1.535 gain in price in almost exactly one year.

· 324 3rd Ave [Redfin]