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28 Residences May Replace Valencia Street Service Station

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Demand for housing in and around the Mission District is so high that developers are desperate to build new condos pretty much anywhere. At Valencia and Duboce, just feet from the noisy and polluted Central Freeway, an unknown developer is proposing to raze the Oil Changer at 198 Valencia, and plop down 28 new residential units in its place. The project, to be designed by a yet-named architect, will include 2,655 square feet of new commercial space and 14 off-street parking spaces. The building is proposed to rise to 55 feet, which shouldn't be a problem seeing as it's located within the Market & Octavia Community Plan Area. Although future residents may have to deal with copious amounts of exhaust from the oft-congested freeway, they'll also have access to brand new neighborhood amenities like the McCoppin Hub and the SoMa West Skatepark. A concrete timeline for construction has yet to be established, but approvals should be obtained before June of 2015.
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