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Checking in on the Massive Dirt Pile that is Dolores Park

The northern half of Dolores Park has been closed for two months now for its $13.2 million upgrade, and in that time it has transformed from one of San Francisco's favorite parks to a huge mound of dirt. So what's going on at the park? The first phase of construction involved removing all of the park's top soil in order to replace the old irrigation and correct the grade of the land, allowing the lawn to drain properly. The tennis courts are being relocated and are awaiting the addition of a new multi-use court, and fencing surrounds the entire half of the park between 18th and 19th streets. There are five months left of construction left to go on this side of the park, at which point construction will switch over to the park's southern side until summer 2015. The new playground will remain open throughout both phases of construction. Dolores has been in need of a makeover for years and plans for the current construction underwent many rounds of discussion and approval before reaching a final conclusion that improves but does not majorly change the park. The biggest details include the installation of two large, modern restrooms and upgraded tennis and basketball courts with the addition of a new multi-use court. The landscaping of the park will be improved with better irrigation, improved off-leash dog areas and a new overlook in the southeast corner. Other upgrades include picnic tables and benches, bike parking and better pathways and lighting. While Dolores is under construction, check out some of these other outstanding city parks.
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Dolores Park

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