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Major Dogpatch Housing Project Looks for Approvals Today

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The building boom in the Dogpatch continues, with another major housing development slated for Indiana Street between 18th and 19th streets. The proposed project at 650 Indiana will demo some existing warehouses to make room for a two five-story buildings with 111 units (with 16 affordable units on-site) and 1,900 square feet of ground-floor services. Two bright and flashy buildings designed by Pfau Long will be separated by a pedestrian alley with an underground garage, and include landscaped courtyards designed by CMG (who conveniently also designed the adjacent Dogpatch Arts Plaza). Like the project on Tennessee highlighted yesterday, this one also falls within the Eastern Neighborhoods Plan so it doesn't need an additional EIR. So far the Planning Department has received nine letters of support, and staff is a fan of the quality of design and all the useable open space, including a lot that's accessible to the public. They are recommending approval, so we'll see what the Planning Commission has to say. · Large Project Authorization - 650 Indiana [SF Planning]
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