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This Infographic Nails San Francisco Neighborhood Stereotypes

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Perhaps with the intention to infuriate us all, roommate finder and rental website Apartment List has put out an infographic of the "typical" San Francisco roommates for some of the city's most popular neighborhoods. It is, of course, dead on. Obvious standouts include the mustache rocking Mission dweller resting on his fixie; the flip-flop sporting Marina bro; Pacific Heights fitness junkie with necessary Athletica yoga gear; incredibly stereotypical Upper Haight stoner dude; obnoxious startup founder in SoMa; Potrero Hill brogrammer who was recently laid off from Zynga; Noe Valley stroller pusher; boring rich Russian Hill person; and of course, a Lower Haight pseudo hippie with a flower in her hair. A few clues that suggest Apartment List may not be as tuned in as they think: Claiming a typical NoPa resident is a student at USF; the Nob Hill dweller is holding a Trader Joe's bag in lieu of a Le Beau one. Not offended yet? This map may help. · Meet the "typical" roommates of San Francisco [Apartment List]
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