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Mission Bay Building Destroyed In Fire Will Be Rebuilt

The under-construction Mission Bay apartment building that was destroyed by a massive fire on March 11 will be rebuilt, and construction could start up again within two months. The building was 75-80 percent complete when it caught fire and burned to the ground. Reasons for the fire are still under investigation. Before restarting construction, the concrete foundation needs to be examined, and if it is undamaged everything is set to move forward. The building that burned is one half of a two-building complex called MB360. The destroyed building will have 172 units and is now expected to open sometime in mid-2016. The other half of the complex, with 188 apartments, was relatively undamaged and is expected to open this fall. The complex's original developer, BRE Properties, has been purchased by Essex Property Trust since the fire, and it is Essex that will take the project forward.

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