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Sustainable and Contemporary in Glen Park Wants $1.495M

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You know you're an architecture nerd if this home looks familiar. It was featured on the 2009 AIA Home Tours, and has won numerous awards. The 2-bed, 2.5-bath, 1,850 square foot abode sits on a site that was purchased in 2004 for $205K, when it was a unwarranted 1918 wood building in dire condition. That came down and what you see above was built in its place. Now it's asking $1.495M, or $808 per square foot. As expected from newish construction, it has all sorts of bells and whistles like lighting and security you can control from your iPad, motorized skylights with rain sensors, and, of course, "environmentally conscious building materials." There's also a 400-bottle temperature controlled wine cellar.
· 1223 Bosworth [Payton + Binnings]