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What's Happening With the Space at 340 Bryant in SoMa?

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From the Curbed inbox:I see they are doing work inside 340 Bryant. Is it going to be more office space of cool lofts like the ones across the street?
Our reader guessed correctly - the former warehouse in the crook of the Bay Bridge on-ramp is set to become nearly 60,000 sq.ft. of "creative" office space. While there are no major exterior changes, the interior will feature a new lobby, new elevators, and new building systems, in addition to a swanky roof deck (so you can wave at all the cars sitting in traffic), bike lockers, and showers. Promotional materials also take advantage of the captive driving audience, touting "unparalleled signage opportunities, allowing for maximum brand exposure and visibility." No word yet of possible tenants. · 340 Bryant Street [CAC Group]