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Transbay Block 5 Tower Will Be Commercial Not Residential

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Transbay's Block 5 sits among a zone that is entirely residential and Block 5 was expected to be more of the same. However, the request for proposals put out by the city this week for the land states that the development will now be commercial and that any proposals including any amount of residential and/or hotel space will not be accepted because "economic conditions create a strong preference for commercial development." The RFP now asks for proposals for 700,000 square feet of commercial space and 10,000 feet of retail space to be built in a 550-foot tower on the site.

Block 5 takes up the entire block bounded by Natoma, Howard, Beale and Main streets, but there are some unusual things to note. A parcel on the corner of the space at Howard and Beale serves as open space for 301 Howard across the street, while a driveway running through the land belongs to 201 Mission Street. The owner of 201 Mission expressed concerns about tenant views and demanded a price "far in excess of market value of the driveway parcel," so the driveway will remain. Therefore, all proposals for the 26,366 square foot parcel must not make use of either of those spaces. Proposals of due on June 25.

· Block 5 Request for Proposals [Office of Community Investment & Infrastructure]