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Inner Sunset Four Bedroom Flips for $1M Gain in Nine Months

A 4-bed, 3-bath single-family home at 1766 10th Avenue just sold for $1.95 million, which is a solid $455K over asking and more than a $1 million above its selling price of $925,000 last July. Unlike many flips, the house was in excellent shape when it sold last year with newly refinished floors, fresh paint inside and out and useable if not quite modern kitchen and bathrooms. Regardless, it still underwent a total renovation that added 875 sq ft of new space, including a new bedroom and bathroom, to reach its current state and sales price. The former concrete backyard has been replaced with a 400 sq ft deck and landscaped garden, the Viking kitchen is brand new and a fireplace has been added to the entertainment room downstairs. · 1766 10th Avenue [Redfin]