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Huge Archive of Old San Francisco Newsreels Hits the Web

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Media company British Pathé has just uploaded 85,000 vintage newsreels to its Youtube channel. The content includes everything from pivotal news stories and natural disasters to celebrity interviews and weird science. San Francisco has a bunch of videos, including a 1938 video of the Treasure Island Fair and a 1936 video of the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge. That plus more after the jump.

Shaping The Future - U.N. Charter Becomes Reality Aka San Francisco Conference (1945)

San Francisco Cable Cars Threatened (1954)

Alcatraz Gun Battle (1946)

Treasure Island Fair Nears Completion (1938)

Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge (1936)

San Francisco Snow Fall (1962)

The Surf Girls of Ocean Beach (1922)

· British Pathé You Tube Channel [You Tube]

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA