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Houses Sell Faster in San Francisco Than Almost Any Other City

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As of mid-April, only 32% of homes in San Francisco were still for sale two months after being listed. The only two major markets where a smaller percentage of homes were still for sale two months after being listed were San Jose, at 31%, and Oakland, at 29%. Real estate company Trulia examined the largest 100 metro areas to find out where houses were moving the fastest. San Francisco's rate was slightly faster than at the same time last year, when 36% of houses were still for sale two months after hitting the market. In the slowest markets like Richmond, Virginia and Hartford, Connecticut, more than 70% of homes stay on the market longer than two months.

The fastest-moving markets were also among those with the biggest price changes over the past year. Markets are often both expensive and move fast because they have low inventory and limited construction. San Francisco is, of course, the perfect example of this.

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