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What's Happening with the Old Shell Station on South Van Ness?

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From the Curbed inbox:

I'm wondering if anybody knows what's happening with the vacant lot on the corner of South Van Ness Ness and 19th Streets (that used to be a Shell gas station). It's been vacant for many years, and is now a parking lot. Back in 2008, the project sponsor got approvals to demo the old gas station and construct a mixed-use building designed by Leavitt Architecture with 29 units with three affordable units on-site, ground floor commercial space, and 29 off-street parking spaces. Then the recession hit and the project stalled. Fast forward to 2012, and the developer got the approvals extended to 2014, blaming the economy on the lack of activity. They got their extension and nothing has happened since. We can't find any indication of any movement - readers, have you heard anything?

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