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This Map Shows Giants Fandom Dominating Northern California

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Using aggregated data provided by Facebook (and some type of algorithm), the New York Times has created an interactive map showing what baseball team is an area's favorite, and you can zoom in all the way to a ZIP code. The darker the color, the larger the majority for that team. As expected, the San Francisco Giants dominate Northern California and sadly all of Oakland. In fact, ZIP code 94621 in Oakland where the coliseum is located identifies as 57 percent Giants fans. Athletics come in second at 25 percent. ZIP code 94107, where AT&T Park is located, identifies as 61 percent Giants fans. The most Giants fans in San Francisco (76 percent) are in the 94132 ZIP code, though Daly City in San Mateo County has a higher percentage with 83 percent.

The Giants start to lose the majority in Paso Robles and quickly the colors change from soothing, warm shades of orange to cold, ugly shades of blue to represent Dodger domination. The Giants dominate over the majority of California, and the Dodgers can't even keep all of Southern California to themselves. There's much love sprinkled around for both the Padres and Angels. Giants domination doesn't stop in California, either. It spreads into lower counties in Oregon and the eastern part of Nevada.

The Times cites the lack of Athletics World Series wins for the Giants domination in the Bay Area, going as far to rub it in everyone's face with "winning the World Series matters. The Giants have won two of the last four. The A's have won none of the last 24."

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