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The Mixed-Use 2175 Market Project Gets a Ground Floor Tweak

The new development at 2175 Market is well under way, but project sponsors are looking to make a tweak to the plans for the ground floor. The original approvals for the six-story, 88-unit building called for three separate retail spaces on the ground floor. Tomorrow the Planning Commission will hear a proposal from the developers to merge two together into one 3,895 square-foot mega space, or "market hall" as they're calling it. The idea is to mimic the Ferry Building or a European-style market place, "featuring local businesses that complement each other and provide neighborhood serving goods and services." In the event that the market hall idea doesn't sell, they're also good with a restaurant in the space as a back-up. Commissioners need to approve the change, but the project sponsor worked with neighborhood groups to come up with the idea, so it looks like a go. · Conditional Use Application - 2175 Market [SF Planning]
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2175 Market Street

2175 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94114