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Very Tiny One Bedroom Cottage in Nob Hill Wants $479K

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A very tiny slice of Nob Hill has just come onto the market asking $479K, making it the latest member of our very prestigious and exclusive Under 500K Club. The 1-bed, 1-bath cottage is a tenancy in common. The buying process for tenancies in common is different from a normal condo sale, so please consult with your realtor before you fall in love with the place. Unfortunately square footage isn't listed, but it's obvious from the photos that it's an extremely small space; we'd venture to say it's less than 500 square feet. The home has traded hands quite a few times in the past ten years, the last being in mid-2012 when it sold for $334K. Monthly HOA dues are $217 and there's 1-car parking in the garage. · 86 John [Climb Real Estate]
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