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What's the Deal with the Old Theater at 2551 Mission?

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From the Curbed inbox:What is happening at 2551 Mission Street? It was an old theater, but now it looks like it is an ongoing project of some sort. Do you have any information as to what will be going in across from the new Alamo Drafthouse and Vida?
Projects to rehab the former Cine Latino building have been in the work since 2001, but things have long been stalled. The theater originally opened in 1913 as the Wigwam, and later Crown Theater, but closed in 1987 and has been sitting vacant pretty much ever since. Back in the early 90s, one project proposed to demo the theater for condos, but 13 years ago revised plans were approved to convert the space into a Mission Cliffs location. That project died, but over the past decade new plans to convert it into a gym and restaurant have been slowly forming. Demo started a few years ago and stalled, leaving the facade looking pretty naked. As recently as this past March new permits were issued to start up the conversion work again, so it looks like the project is back on. No renderings are floating around yet, but we'll keep you posted. · Building permit 201403312028 [DBI]
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