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Remodeled Bernal Earthquake Shack on the Market for $1.15M

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Following the 1906 earthquake, more than 5,600 temporary shacks were built to house the quake's survivors who had lost their homes. The equivalent of refugee camps, the shacks provided temporary shelter as the city recovered and then were either torn down or given away. Now, a former earthquake shack in Bernal Heights that has been renovated and expanded to create an absolutely charming cottage-style house is on the market for $1.15 million. Bernal has more surviving shacks than any other neighborhood in the city, and many have been turned from one-room shelters into enticing little homes. This former shack does state that it was built in 1908, while most camps had already closed by that time. There are now two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a totally open plan and a garage. Highlights include floor-to-ceiling windows, views of the Bay and Bernal Hill, and an outdoor solarium that looks perfect for hosting a dinner party. · Refugee Shacks Survivors of 1906 Quakes and Fire [SFGate]
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