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What's Going on at 1189 Tennessee in the Dogpatch?

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From the Curbed inbox:

They have dug a two-story hole, and are now laying down an incredible amount of rebar. There is no permit listed on the DBI site, so what's going on? Apparently a condo project has been in the works for 1189 Tennessee in the Dogpatch since 1999, but documents were hard to track down. Approvals were issued in 2008 for a new five-story building with eight condos, three ground floor commercial spaces, and 12 parking spots. Permits were routed through the Planning Department for some reason, and were finally issued in 2009. The only rendering we could find was from an undated real estate listing, which called the property "shovel ready", with permits issued, school fees paid, and vault transformer and water main in place. Plans call for the units to break down as two 3BR, four 2BR, and two 1BR. If construction is indeed underway, it's been a long time coming.

· 1189 Tennessee Street, San Francisco [Zephyr]