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What $1,800/Month Can Rent You Around San Francisco

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Welcome back to Curbed Comparisons, where we scour San Francisco's rental listings to see what your monthly budget will get you across the city. This week, we're investigating apartments listed for $1,800/month. You tell us which lease you'd sign.

↑ In the Sunset, this quirky one bedroom is asking $1,850/month. The bedroom is tiny, with room only for a full-size bed. The living room has corner exposure with loads of wood paneling, but the 3rd floor (walk up) location makes for views and nice light. The kitchen has all the basics - a stove, a sink, a little bit of counter space, and a nice stainless fridge, that's elevated above the floor in what probably used to be a closet. Cat-friendly.

↑ In the Inner Richmond, this studio is asking $1,795/month. It's carpeted and the kitchen is dated, but the bathroom is clean and there's a big window and skylight. The real bonus, though, is the parking space included in the rent.

↑ In Pac Heights, this Victorian studio is over budget at $1,950/month. It's carpeted, with an old fireplace and vintage wood detailing - but overall it falls more on the dingy, rather than charming, side of Victorian. The kitchen has a stove, fridge, and sink, but no counter space. No parking and no pets.

↑ In Lower Nob Hill, this remodeled studio is asking $1,750/month. Located at Taylor / Pine, it's pretty darn close to the Tenderloin, but it looks like the unit is situated in the interior of the building, so hopefully the street noise is minimal. (This also means there's no view.) Everything looks clean and bright, if small. No parking and no pets.

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