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SPUR Explores Impacts of Climate Change on the Bay Area

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The April issue of SPUR's The Urbanist examines how the Bay Area is reacting to climate change, a phenomenon that will deeply affect every coastal city in the world over the coming decades. In San Francisco and around the Bay, measures are being taken to help prepare for issues associated with global warming, namely rising sea levels. Projects spotlighted in this month's issue of the magazine include wetland restoration, as well as initiatives such as Adapting to Rising Tides, also know as the "ART" Project. In addition, The Urbanist recaps important efforts being made locally in San Francisco, focusing attention on the Ocean Beach Master Plan and ongoing efforts aimed at protecting the area around Mission Creek. Though climate change may be inevitable, cities that can gather the resources to promote environmentally-friendly practices and protect vulnerable areas will go a long way towards preventing what could otherwise be an absolute catastrophe.
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