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Nob Hill Building Asks $650K Over Last Year's Sale Price

Unsurprisingly, it's not just single family homes and condos that are seeing big price gains in the city right now. Investment properties containing rental units are jumping in value, too. This Nob Hill building that houses eight identical one-bedroom units sold for $2.65 million last year and is now back on the market for $3.3 million, a $650k gain in twelve months. Even with the rising rents over the past year around San Francisco, that is a huge jump, especially given that last year's sale price was only $500,000 more than when the building last sold for $2.1 million back in 2008. We don't see any major improvements since last year's sale, although the listing mentions that a 2-bed, 2-bath unit could be added in the basement. The units look fairly nice, with fireplaces and hardwood floors, and there is storage and laundry in the basement.

· 1380 Washington Street [Redfin]