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SteelHouse 1 and 2 in Noe Valley List for $1.75M Each

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Two newly constructed, freestanding condos that share one lot on Church Street in Noe Valley are up for grabs for $1.75 million each. Zack de Vito Architecture, the firm responsible for local eateries like Craftsmen and Wolves and Manresa, designed both. The condos, which have been dubbed Steelhouse 1 and Steelhouse 2, have a modern industrial feel with plenty of steel and wood details throughout. Steelhouse 1 sits at the front of the property and faces the street with its distinctive facade, while Steelhouse 2 occupies the back of the lot. Both have 3 bedrooms, oiled oak floors, and walnut cabinets. The bright tangerine front door of Steelhouse 1 stands adjacent to the lime green door of Steelhouse 2 across a shared courtyard. Each condo has parking for one car.

· Steelhouse 1 and 2 [Official website]