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An Overview of Salesforce's Historic San Francisco Lease

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Construction is now underway at Hines and Boston Properties' massive new tower at 415 Mission, in the heart of the booming Transbay neighborhood. When completed, the Cesar Pelli-designed building will be San Francisco's tallest skyscraper and will forever transform the city's skyline. Impressive as it may be, the tower's height isn't the only aspect of the project that's making the record books. Last week, Salesforce announced it would lease a huge portion of the building, which will now bear the company's name, in what represents the largest commercial real estate deal in San Francisco's history. Now that the lease has been confirmed, real enthusiasts can pour over nitty-gritty details on the prodigious deal.

— The "Transbay Tower" has been renamed Salesforce Tower.
— The Tower counts 1.4 million square feet of office space, Salesforce will occupy 714,000 square feet.
— The Tower has 61 floors, and measures 1070 feet.
— Salesforce will occupy floors 1-30, and the entire top floor.
— The lease is the largest in San Francisco history.
— The lease starts in early 2018, and spans 15.5 years, but could be extended an additional 12 years.
— The deal will cost Salesforce $560M over the life of the lease.
· Salesforce Inks Massive Lease at the Transbay Tower
· Salesforce dominates Transbay Tower with San Francisco's biggest lease ever

Transbay Tower

101 First Street, san francisco, ca