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Live in the Wild Pritikin Museum in Glen Park for $4,500/Month

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The bizarre, wonderful Pritikin Museum on the border between Noe Valley and Glen Park is one of the city's most fascinating spots, and now you can rent a two-bedroom furnished suite there for $4,500 per month. The museum, which is private, is located in the Chenery House mansion, the largest private state in San Francisco, and run by 84-year-old Bob Pritikin, a former adman. The collection is made up of countless oddities that Pritikin has collected over the years, from a sculpture made of spoons to a $35,000 chair that no one is allowed to sit in. He estimates the value of his things at more than $50 million. It is almost impossible to get in to see the museum, but now it is possible to live there. The advertised suite for rent has two bathrooms, a kitchen with new appliances, and access to the private garden filled with a waterfall and animal sculptures. No word on if the new tenants will be able to use the indoor pool with sliding glass ceiling. · 47 Chenery Street [Appfolio]
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