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Sea Cliff Mid-Century Sells for Jaw-Dropping $1.4M Over Asking

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After listing for $5.1 million in mid-March, this Joseph-Esherick designed 4-bed home in Sea Cliff has now sold for $6.5 million, which is an absolutely astounding $1.4 million over asking. The house, built in 1958, is definitely unique and was marketed for its twenty-foot glass windows, natural light and Esherick design. A time-lapse video even showcased the views from morning until night from the house. The house's character and mid-century feel are definitely part of the appeal, but as a few pre-staging photos show, the new owners may have a bit of work to do to on things like carpeting and bathrooms to modernize. · Massive Mid-Century 4-BR in Sea Cliff on the Market for $5.1M [Curbed SF]
· 420 El Camino del Mar [McGuire Real Estate]