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Linea's Final Release, Hardly Any New Condos Left For Sale

Linea, the new Arquitectonica-designed mixed-use building in Hayes Valley, has moved into the final release of its 115 units. The condos first started selling back in October, and according to the latest round-up of new condos for sale in the city by the Mark Company, there are less than a dozen left up for grabs in the building. This final round of Linea units are among the only newly-constructed condos currently up for sale in the city, with the recent sell-outs of The Marlow and Blanc and everything at The Century looking under contract for now. So what's currently available in the city? The Onyx recently started selling and there's some super-pricey places at Nob Hill's Park Lane on the market, but not much else. At the end of an invite-only reception at the upcoming Vida on Mission Street, 20 units were in contract and the building won't even open until next January. Four of the units left at Linea recently popped up on the MLS. Three are on the top floor. The largest of these is a 963 sq-ft 2-bed, 2-bath for $1.145 million, or $1,189 per square. The smallest is a 616 sq-ft 1-bed, 1-bath going for $735,000, or $1,193 per square. Prices for the entire building have hovered around the $1,000 to $1,100 per square mark, although you can still grab a 1-bed with 836 sq-ft of space down on the second floor for only $752,000, which works out to be $900 per square.

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