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City Implements Twin Tactics to Combat Pedestrian Fatalities

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Due to the recent spike in pedestrian fatalities, city brass has launched a two-headed assault to combat future incidents. The first is a five-year plan to improve pedestrian safety conditions at 170 intersections throughout the city. The WalkFirst Capital Improvement Program (PDF warning) will spend $17 million upgrading troubled intersections using a variety of methods, depending on the individual need. Changes will run from simple fixes like signal timing changes and prohibited turns, to long-term solutions such as red light cameras, pedestrian countdown signals and road diets. Future ballot measures have also been introduced that could expand the scope of the program to 265 intersections and $50 million.

The second tactic is a public awareness campaign titled "Be Nice, Look Twice." The goal is to raise awareness for both drivers and pedestrians when entering intersections. Increased police enforcement has been promised by Mayor Lee "when they see persons not yielding, when red lights are run, and when speeding occurs." A 12 percent increase in traffic cop staff has been issued to help with enforcement.
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