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South Beach One-Bedroom Party Pad Lists for $1.495M

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Purchased in 2007 for $1.16M, this 1-bed, 1.5-bath, 1,812-square-foot loft at the Clocktower Building in South Beach landed on the market today for a mere $1.495M. The Clocktower Building was originally built 1907 and was home to the Schmidt Lithograph company. In the 1990s, the building was converted to 127 live/work lofts. Listing information tells us that this particular loft was "masterfully renovated" by San Francisco starchitect Olle Lundberg of Lundberg Design. Monthly HOA dues are $643 and there's 1-car parking in the garage.
· 461 2nd Street, #557T [Climb]

The Clocktower Building

461 2nd St, San Francisco, CA 94107